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Peregrine Tattoo is nested in the upper western corner of the Windom neighborhood in South Minneapolis. We share a bright sunlit studio with MSP Microblading Collective and together our businesses offer one of the most clean and beautiful tattoo experiences Minneapolis has to offer. 

Characterized by vibrant colors, rich blacks & grays, and crisp blackwork, our tattoos are unique and illustrative. We share a passion for everything from large-scale pieces to small simplistic designs; intricate line and dotwork to expressions with large fields of bright colors and patterns.


We're always excited by custom designs! Our strength lies in pieces where we can be creative, having the freedom to compose and create tattoos that showcase our personal styles. That said, we love tattooing and treat a large piece with as much enthusiasm as a simple walk-in tattoo or pre-drawn flash design.


Our Artists



Jack of all trades stylistically, preferring illustrative, exciting custom designs.



Traditional based, open to all kinds of projects big or small.


Specializes in custom work featuring soft botanical, black and gray photo realism, or whimsical bright, bold color works.

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Drawing: New school and neo-traditional illustrations of animals and historical figures to traditional spit-shading.

Tattoo: As a beginner, simple blackwork and small solid or shaded designs.

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