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Jenna's Portfolio

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Jenna Boleyn

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but never considered it could be my career. As a child, I would draw characters from my imagination, creating personalities for them. In high school I began drawing portraits of my idols, like Freddie Mercury, Ville Valo, and David Bowie. I attended college as a chemistry major, but found that I was taking more art classes than classes for my major. Meanwhile, I began to get tattooed. I have always loved tattoos and formed a close friendship with my tattooer. Being involved around a tattoo shop made me realize that I would love to do this as a job, both for the interest of tattoos and love of drawing. I’ve been apprenticing under Poohki for one year. I just started tattooing in October 2019 and am excited to continually improve myself and learn this trade.

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